Egyptian Foreign Minister calls for political solution in Syria

Khartoum, SANA – Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shokri stressed the need for a political solution in Syria that takes into account the Syrians’ desire to preserve their country’s unity, calling on the international community to assume responsibility for the stalling of the political solution course.

In a speech at the 2nd session of the Arab-Russian Forum in Khartoum on Wednesday, Shokri called for working to crystallize practical ideas that realize the hopes and aspirations of the Syrians away from the delusions of a military solution, saying that innocent civilians would be the ones to pay the price of a military solution.

He also said that terrorism is a looming threat for everyone, which calls for coordination and cooperation to confront this phenomenon, stressing the need for exchanging information on the movements and locations of terrorists and enforcing relevant international and regional counterterrorism agreement, in addition to taking steps to prevent the recruitment of youth by terrorist organizations.

Shokri underlined the important role that Russia can play in supporting the just Arab causes, including the Palestinian cause, affirming Egypt’s considerable interest in Arab-Russian cooperation and hoping that economic cooperation with the two countries will expand.

Hazem Sabbagh

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