Interior Ministry issues regulations for entry into Syria from Lebanon

Damascus, SANA – The Interior Ministry issued the regulations and instructions for the entry of individuals from Lebanon into Syria within the context of the procedures for confronting the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The regulations permit individuals to enter Syria from Lebanon granted they produce a PCR test that is negative for COVID-19 that was no earlier than 96 hours prior to entry and conducted at accredited labs in Lebanon, and those who do not have such a document will be quarantined.

The Ministry said individuals allowed to enter Syria from Lebanon are Syrian citizens coming from Lebanon, truck drivers, owners of diplomatic passports, workers at international organizations, non-Syrian husbands and wives of Syrian citizens, children of Syrian women who have Arab or foreign fathers, foreign and Arab experts contracted to work in Syria, students enrolled in Syrian schools and universities, individuals with valid work residency, and Christian clergymen who work jointly at churches in the two countries.

As for individuals wishing to leave Syria to Lebanon who wish to travel abroad via Beirut Airport and have ticket reservations and visas or residency in a foreign country, they must reach the borders before the time of their flight by no more than 24 hours and produce a negative PCR test from a lab approved by the Health Ministry carried out no more than 96 hours before that time, excluding children under 12 who do not require tests.

Lebanese citizens, individuals married to Lebanese citizens, and children of Lebanese women may leave to Lebanon on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week on the condition that they undergo a PCR test at the Lebanese borders.

Individuals with permits from the Lebanese General Security to enter the country may also enter Lebanon.

Regarding transportation, individuals may use their own cars to enter and leave Lebanon normally without restrictions, while passengers being transported in their own cars by a driver may do so granted that the driver drops them off at the Lebanese point of al-Masnaa and return afterwards.

Hazem Sabbagh

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