Drinking water provided to entirety of Hasaka city and its suburbs

Hasaka, SANA – The Water Company in Hasaka city resumed providing drinking water to the citizens in the city and its surroundings after an outage that had lasted 11 days due to the actions of the Turkish regime forces and their terrorist mercenaries who had cut off the water by seizing Alouk water station and preventing workers from entering it.

Director General of the company Mahmoud al-Ukla said in a statement to SANA reporter that after the workers had managed to enter Alouk station and operate it on Thursday, they began pumping drinking water on Friday morning and evening, providing it to all citizens in Haska and its suburbs.

He pointed out that the company will continue to pump water from Alouk station to the city and its surroundings through a specified rationing program and in the usual amounts, adding that at the same time, the technicians are completing maintenance at al-Hemma water station on the eastern dam in order to use it as an alternative source in case Alouk station becomes inoperative again.

Baraa Ali / Hazem Sabbagh

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