Cabinet approves preemptive measures for protection against Coronavirus

Damascus, SANA – The Cabinet discussed on Sunday the preemptive and preventative procedures of the Health Ministry regarding the Coronavirus.

During its weekly session headed by the Premier Imad Khamis, the Cabinet approved preemptive measures for protection against Coronavirus that include suspending temporarily the entry of tourist groups from the states that registered Coronavirus cases, in addition to maintaining the effective applying of the Health Ministry’s procedures to verify the health conditions of arrivals at all border crossing points.

The Cabinet instructed the Ministry of Health to provide the Ministries of Information, Religious Endowments, Education, and Higher Education with its mechanisms for raising awareness about this virus and how to prevent it.

In addition, the Cabinet passed the follow-up plan and the executive programs of the projects which had been approved during the last session in Aleppo city.

The Cabinet commissioned the Ministries of Finance, Interior, Economy and Foreign Trade, and Internal Trade and Consumer Protection to devise a development program for the customs sector with all its components, in addition to commissioning the Ministry of Water Resources to find urgent solutions to provide water for Hasaka city which is deprived of drinking water by the Turkish occupation’s mercenaries.

Baraa Ali / Hazem Sabbagh

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