Intransigence of Turkish regime’s group obstructs meetings of Committee of Discussing Constitution for the fourth day

Geneva, SANA- For the fourth day, no sessions have been held by the Mini-Committee of the expanded body of the Committee of Discussing the Constitution as it was scheduled to start last Monday for five days because of intransigence of delegation of Turkish regime’s group and its rejection to discuss the agenda.

SANA delegate to Geneva said that on Thursday morning the three delegations of the Mini-Committee arrived in UN headquarters as no session have been held, adding that only separated meetings were held between UN special envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen and the head of the national delegation , and the head of the Turkish regime’s delegation.

Speaking to SANA’s delegate in a statement, member of civil society Samar al-Dayoub said that sessions were obstructed for the fourth day due to intransigence of the Turkish regime’s delegation and its rejection of the agreement on the national principles which constitute the basis for building any dialogue related to the constitution.

For his part, a member of civil society delegation, Issam al-Zaibaq indicated that the delegation came to Geneva without any conditions yet it was necessary to start from the national principles as a basis for a dialogue, adding that there are priority issues that cannot be ignored such as sovereignty of the state , condemning the occupation, affirming that any constitution cannot be drafted without these principles.


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