Turkish regime’s delegation obstructs Meetings of Committee of Discussing Constitution due to its refusal of agenda

Geneva, SANA_ Sources close to work of the Committee of Discussing the Constitution said that the meeting of UN Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen with Head of the national delegation Ahmad al-Kuzbari ended without starting any session due to the intransigence of the Turkish regime’s delegation

SANA delegate to Geneva quoted sources from the civil society delegation as saying that sessions of the 2nd day of meetings of the Mini-Committee of Discussing the Constitution didn’t start due to the intransigence of the Turkish regime’s delegation and its rejection of the agenda.

“ The Turkish regime group’s intransigence and rejection of the agenda caused the meetings to be suspended.’ The sources said.

In this context, the sources added that the national delegation proposed an agenda for the committee’s debates under the title “national principles of interest to the Syrian people”.

The delegation of the Turkish regime, the sources said, rejected the proposal and refused to come to the UN HQ to discuss the agenda in a breach of the Code of Conduct which was agreed upon at the first round.

The 2nd round of the Mini-Committee meeting was scheduled to kick off on Monday for five days.

The Mini-Committee held its first round between Nov. 4-8 as it adopted an agenda proposed by the Syrian Government-backed delegation which also presented a proposal that mainly includes combating terrorism and drying up its resources, in addition to condemning the countries which support it, but the group of the Turkish regime rejected it.

The Mini-Committee consists of 45 members, 15 from the national team, 15 from members of the delegation of other parties, and 15 from members of the delegation representing civil society.

On November 1st, the expanded body of the Committee of Discussing the Constitution which consists of 150 members agreed on the members of the Mini-Committee and it approved a paper on the Code of Conduct and the measures which govern the work of the expanded and small bodies.


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