Qasad militias abduct three people, seize houses in Hasaka

Archive - Protests against Qasad militias in Hasaka countryside

Hasaka, SANA – Members of the US-backed Qasad (SDF) militias abducted Yasser al-Salem, a member of the bodybuilding and athletics technical committee, and two teachers from their homes in Hasaka city.

Local sources said al-Salem, who once won the national bodybuilding championship, came one day the conclusion of the province’s bodybuilding championship organized by the technical committee, as Qasad members broke into his house in downtown Hasaka city and took him to an unknown destination, while other members of Qasad abducted two teachers from Owairan neighborhood.

On a relevant note, Qasad militias detained 10 youths from Hasaka city and took them to camps to recruit them forcibly, a common practice in the areas where these militias are active.

On another note, local sources in the southern countryside of Hasaka said that the so-called “people’s municipalities” which belong to the “Kurdish protection units,” which itself is part of Qasad militias, seized a number of empty houses belonging to locals to house the families of their members who were brought from the northern areas near the borders of Turkey.

Meanwhile, local sources from al-Hol camp east of Hasaka city said that a man was killed after being hit with a sharp implement on the head while he was sleeping in his tent, and that this came a few days after he took part in a protest against the practices of Qasad militias and the poor conditions at the camp.

Hazem Sabbagh

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