Red Crescent and UN deliver humanitarian aid convoy to al-Rukban Camp


Homs, SANA – The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), in cooperation with the UN, delivered a humanitarian aid convoy to al-Rukban Camp in al-Tanf area near the Syrian-Jordanian borders where US occupation forces and terrorist groups affiliated to them are hindering the resolution of the humanitarian tragedy in the camp.

SARC said in a statement on Monday that the convoy consisted of 22 trucks loaded with food relief including 3100 food baskets and 3100 50-kilogram bags of wheat , in addition to amounts of date biscuits and peanut butter.

SARC said that the operation should last for 7 days, during which 187 SARC volunteers and 22 UN employees should distribute this aid among the thousands of families in the camp, with the step paving the way to facilitate the exit of families that wish to exit the camp.

President of SARC Khaled al-Hboubati said that seven months have elapsed since the last aid convoy was sent to the camp, and that SARC hasn’t stopped its efforts to provide more aid and facilitate the voluntary exit of people from the camp where they are enduring difficult humanitarian conditions.

Hazem Sabbagh

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