Syrian, Russian committees: Thousands of the displaced returned Home

Moscow, SANA- The Syrian and Russian coordination committees on the return of displaced Syrians affirmed that tens of thousands of displaced Syrians returned to their areas which have been liberated from terrorism thanks to the Syrian-Russian joint efforts, while the US and its Western allies and the mercenary terrorists continue to impede the return of the Syrian citizens to homeland.

In a joint statement on Wednesday , the two committees said that serious results have been reached on creating the appropriate conditions for the return of the displaced to their residence thanks to the Syrian-Russian joint efforts as all the service facilities , including economic , trade and new job opportunities were provided , in line with offering the medical aid for the people.

Washington and some western countries do not want to recognize the Syrian State’s achievements in regard to the issue of restoring safe and good life for its people , and hinder the returning process of the Syrian citizens to home land for special purposes, the statement said.

It referred to the violation of the US of all international rights and laws directly in the areas it occupies in Syria as the situation is still catastrophic Syrian-Russian joint efforts in the al-Houl and al-Rukban camps due to US abstention from taking any measures to put an end to the crisis of the displaced people held there.

The statement said that over 28 thousands displaced people are besieged in al-Rukban Camp and live disastrous conditions where they are held as hostages to the armed terrorist groups controlled by the US where every family has to pay about 1500 dollar in exchange for the exit from the camp.

It concluded by affirming that the only way for Syria to rise is by eradicating terrorism completely, liberating all the occupied Syrian lands by US-led coalition, and returning all displaced people to their areas liberated from terrorism.


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