Participants in workshop: Enhancing int’l partnership, openness to others’ experiences

Damascus, SANA _ The participants in the national workshop on the implementation of law of local administration called for enhancing international partnership, utilizing the others’ experiences and selecting the real cadres to work in administrative units with new vision to facilitate the provision of basic service.

That came at the conclusion of the workshop which was held by the Ministry of Local Administration and Environment in cooperation and coordination with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) at the Damascus-based Dama Rose Hotel on Thursday.

The participants stressed the need to overcome the shortage of technical cadres, machinery and engineering equipment in administrative units, to invest natural / alternative/ energies in the service of citizens and to amend some legislations to suit  the current situation.

They also pointed to the importance of active participation to enable the administrative units to play their role in achieving local development, expansion of the citizen service centers and activation of the smart card in all administrative units since they are considered a real database to it.

Regional Director of the UNDP in Syria David Akopyan said that the UNDP is present in Syria to facilitate the work in partnership with the decision-making departments and to provide some examples that can be implemented in Syria.

He voiced the UNDP readiness to cooperate with the Syrian government in projects to return services to all regions.






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