Mrs. Asma al-Assad participates in concluding session workshop on developing the Straight Street Markets in Aleppo

Aleppo, SANA- Mrs. Asma al-Assad participated in the concluding session workshop “Developing the Straight Street Markets Strategy” held at Seif al-Dawla al-Hamdani School in Aleppo old city.

The workshop is organized by the Syrian Trust for Development, in cooperation with the local community in Aleppo and a number of government and civil bodies.

This strategy aims to revitalize 62 markets, including 1552 shops at the Straight Street and its main entrances.

During the workshop, the challenges and opportunities on the restoration and rehabilitation work of the old markets of Aleppo old city were discussed.

Mrs. Asma considered that the destruction of Aleppo’s antiquities and its cultural monuments was a systematic attempt to destroy everything that expresses the history, civilization and social fabric of the Syrian man, because the main goal of the war was to target the Syrian identity.

“You embodied the most important aspects of patriotism, which is, firstly, your adherence to your city despite the danger and harsh living conditions, and secondly, because you began to work for your city and your country under extremely difficult conditions,” Mrs. Asma addressed the people of Aleppo.

Mrs. Asma added that the success of Aleppo is an evidence of the strength of the country and the victory of society and will over destruction and devastation.

Mrs. Asma said that the revitalization of the city concerns us all, as Syrians, and concerns every person who loves Aleppo and the country.

“Aleppo is strong and resilient as its history and steadfast as its stones.. as refined as its art.. obstacles don not hinder Aleppo and finds the solution ..Aleppo lives on production and breathe poetry, art and culture.”

“Aleppo’s success is a sign of strength and victory… the strength of the people and the country… an evidence of the society’s victory and the will over devastation… and the revival of the old city of Aleppo does not mean its people only but also it means all of us as Syrians”

Mrs. Asma al-Assad said during her participation in the “ workshop on developing the Straight Street Markets in Aleppo ” at Seif Al-Dawla School, which was held by Aleppo Governorate and the civil societya and development institutions

At the end of her visit, Mrs. Asma was briefed on the ongoing work to rehabilitate and restore the second section of Saif al-Dawla school.

Shaza Qreima



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