Syrian and Iraqi workshop to address climate changes

Damascus, SANA-Workshop on the climate changes aims to benefit from Syria and Iraq ‘s experiences to adapt to climate changes and develop the vision of the two countries and their efforts to confront the side effects of those changes and the resulting dust storms through the implementation of joint regional projects to protect the environment and preserve it from deterioration.

The workshop was held Saturday at the building of the Ministry of Local Administration and Environment.

The Iraqi delegation gave a presentation on Iraq’s projects to address the climate change and the Environment Ministry’s view in the field of regional cooperation, while the Syrian side gave a presentation on the project of dust storms that strike the region and suggestions to reduce them and mitigate their negative effects on soil and environment.

The two sides agreed on the need to sign a memorandum of understanding to frame joint action in this regard and to benefit from the Iraqi experiences to get rid of oil pollution and the Syrian experience in the field of renewable energies, calling for organizing work and motivating the citizens of the two countries to be partners in addressing environmental protection.

A joint working group was formed during the workshop to develop the efforts , propose projects which will have a significant impact to adopt to climate changes and absolute coordination in international, regional and national conferences with the aim of reaching a positive result in this framework for both sides.

Shaza Qreima



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