Reports indicate terrorists intend to fabricate new chemical weapons scenario to justify aggression on Syria

Damascus, SANA – Media reports revealed that Jabhet al-Nusra and groups affiliated to it are preparing to fabricate a scenario to accuse the Syrian Arab Army of using the chemical weapons in any area where it would respond to their attacks in order to solicit Western interference and justify a new aggression on Syria.

Recent media reports said that in addition to possessing chemical weapons, Jabhet al-Nusra provided these weapons to other terror organizations affiliated to it to distribute them in Idleb and at the outskirts of the “demilitarized zone.”

Reports said al-Nusra and the “White Helmets” are determined to establish a network of chemical materials caches in the demilitarized zone to maintain their logistical readiness to quickly carry out provocations using chemicals when needed whenever a front is opened in Aleppo countryside, Hama, or Idleb, which would lead to accusing the Syrian Arab Army of carrying out chemical attacks to justify Western interference.

This data suggests that the scenario of using chemical weapons is still an option for these organizations and the intelligence agencies that operate them, especially since the demilitarized zone is facing today a real test in light of the continuous violations to it by these organizations, which necessitate a response by the Syrian Arab Army.

This suggests that the persistence of terrorists with their provocations is upon the orders of their employers, and are made according to a deliberate plan that may snowball into a confrontation, at which time they would have the opportunity to accuse the Syrian Arab Army of a chemical attacks to justify a Western aggression.

Rana Youssef / Hazem Sabbagh

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