Golan people commemorate October Liberation War, stress confidence to defeat terrorism

Occupied Syrian Golan, SANA – People of the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan staged a stand on Monday marking the 41st anniversary of the 1973 October Liberation War fought by the coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria against Israel from October 6 to 25.

The participants in the stand set off from Sultan Pasha al-Atrash Square (in reference to the Commander General of the Great Syrian Revolution (1925–27) who fought against the Ottomans and the French) in the middle of the occupied city of Majdal Shams.

Bearing wreaths and waving the national flags and posters of President Bashar al-Assad, the participants marched towards the Martyrs Memorial in the city.

In the course of the march, the participants chanted slogans in support of the homeland and President Bashar al-Assad in the face of the terrorist war waged against the country.

The participants laid the wreaths on the Memorial and lit candles in honor of Syria’s martyrs, including those who fell a few days ago in the twin terrorist bombings that targeted a school compound in the city of Homs.

Sudqi al-Maqt, former prisoner in the Israeli jails, delivered a speech in the name of the people of the Golan in which he hailed Syria’s firm steadfastness in the face of terrorism and the heroic achievements made in October War.

Al-Maqt struck a confident note when he said that the Syrians who have defied terrorism and held their ground over more than three and a half years are certainly able to achieve victory and liberate the Golan.

Haifa Said

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