Amnesty International: US-led coalition’s rejection to admit killing civilians in Raqqa terrible

Beirut, SANA- Amnesty International said that the US-led coalition rejects to take responsibility for killing civilians during the raids it had launched on Raqqa city last year, describing it as ‘terrible’.

France Press quoted Amnesty International in statement as saying on Monday that hundreds of civilians were killed in the air strikes launched by the coalition, adding that the insistence on refusing to acknowledge the large number of civilian killed and the destruction caused to Raqqa is an insult to the victims.

The statement said that the coalition acknowledged the killing of only one hundred civilians, yet its unwillingness to carry out its duty towards them is terrible.

The statement affirmed that it is necessary to know the reasons which led to the killing of hundreds of persons and investigate the used weapons in the strikes and the accuracy of the intelligence given to the coalition prior to launching the airstrikes.


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