Speaker Sabbagh: Syria can defend its territory

Damascus, SANA-Speaker of People’s Assembly Hammoudeh Sabbagh said that the Turkish military presence in northern Syria represents an aggression and a flagrant violation of international laws, adding that Syria is capable of defending its territory.

During a meeting with the chairman of the Eurasia Local Governments Union Hasan Cengiz and the accompanying delegation, Speaker Sabbagh said that the head of Turkish regime has pursued an aggressive policy toward Syria since the beginning of the crisis which led to shedding the blood of Syrians despite the relations binding the two peoples.

He affirmed that no third party has the right to interfere, pressure or to try to influence the will of the Syrian people.

Cengiz, in turn, said that the war on Syria came as part of the new Middle East project which aims to divide the region, affirming that the Syrian people are the ones who determine the future of their country and the world should respect this right and not interfere in Syrians’ internal affairs.

The delegation members expressed rejection of the tripartite aggression against Syria.

Manar al-Freih/Manal

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