Doctors volunteer to treat martyrs’ families and wounded for free

Provinces, SANA – In Individual and collective initiatives, dozens of doctors from different provinces have opened their clinics and medical centers for the families of martyrs and wounded soldiers for free or nominal fees.

Different voluntary methods and experiences have one objective which are sharing social responsibility after eight years of the terrorist war on Syria.

Syrian Doctors Syndicate in Damascus, Dr Youssef Asaad said that doctors of Damascus have organized their initiatives as part of a project started in 2011 with the aim of treating martyrs’ families.

Later, in cooperation with the “Syrian Youth Fingerprint Foundation” under the name of “Shifa Medical Treatment Free Project for Martyrs’ Families,” the project spread in several provinces.

Dr Asaad added that the project includes granting special cards to the families of the martyrs, in which they can receive free of charge treatment in a specific group of doctors that reached about 200 doctors last year.

SANA Health Bulletin followed some of those initiatives. In Homs Province, the General Surgery Specialist, Dr Nasser Idris, receives patients from the families of martyrs and the wounded in his clinic all times and throughout the week.

“I wanted to assure that we are one hand and despite all the sorrows resulted from war, but, by standing with each other we can heal all wounds.”

Dr Hassan Hasan, a specialist in general surgery, from the town of Safita in Tartous province, said that he is always ready to provide free treatment and examination to the wounded and assistance of surgical operations as far as possible.

My Initiative received a positive feedback in the community and is not the only one, there are many doctors are doing the same in Safita, he added.

“They believe that it is part of their role and social responsibility in these difficult circumstances that facing the country.”

Emma /Mazen

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