Update-Sochi congress final statement affirms full commitment to Syria’s territorial integrity

Sochi, SANA-Participants in the Syrian National Dialogue Congress of Sochi stressed full commitment to the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Syria.

The final statement of the congress, which was approved after discussing and voting each article of it stated “we, the delegates of the Conference of the Syrian national dialogue, representing all segments of Syrian society, its political and civil powers, ethics, confessional and social groups, have assembled at the invitation of the friendly Russian Federation in the city of Sochi, with the intention to put an end to seven years of the suffering of our people, through the achievement of a common understanding of the necessity for the salvation of our homeland from armed confrontation, social and economic ruin, the restoration of its dignity on the regional and world stage, the provision of fundamental rights and liberties for all its citizens, and most importantly the right to peaceful and free life without violence and terror. The only way to achieve this particular goal is the political settlement of the problems of our homeland on the basis of the following principles;

The statement went on to say that “respect of and full commitment to the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and unity of the Syrian Arab Republic as a land and a people, in this regard no part of the national territory shall be ceded. The people of Syria remain committed to the recovery of the occupied Syrian Golan by all lawful means in accordance with the UN Charter and international law.”

“Respect of and full commitment to Syria’s national sovereign equality and rights regarding non-intervention and that Syria shall take its full role in the international community and the region, including as part of the Arab world, in conformity with the UN Charter and its purposes and principles,” it added.

“The Syrian people alone shall determine the future of their country by democratic means, through the ballot box, and shall have the exclusive right to choose their own political, economic and social system without external pressure or interference in line with Syria’s international rights and obligations,” the statement said.

The statement affirmed that “the Syrian Arab Republic shall be a democratic and non-sectarian state based on political pluralism and equal citizenship, irrespective of religion , ethnicity and gender, with full respect for and protection of the rule of law, the separation of powers, judicial independence, the full equality of all citizens, the cultural diversity of the Syrian society and public freedoms, including freedom of belief and featuring transparent, inclusive, accountable government, including before the national law, with necessary effective measures to combat crime, corruption and mismanagement.”

It added that “the government is committed to national unity, social peace and comprehensive and balanced development with fair representation at the local administration.”

“Continuity and improved performance of state and public institutions with reforms where necessary including the protection of public infrastructure and provision of public services to all citizens without discrimination in accordance with the highest standards of good governance and gender equality. Citizens shall benefit from effective mechanisms in their relations with all public authorities in such a way as to ensure full compliance with the rule of law and human rights and private and public property rights,” the statement said.

“Maintaining the Army and the Armed Forces and to carry out their duties in accordance with the constitution, including protecting the boundaries and the people from external threats, and combating terrorism in order to protect the citizen where required, with intelligence and security institutions focus on maintaining national security and act according to the law,” the statement read.

“Unqualified rejection of -and active commitment to combat- terrorism, fanaticism, extremism and sectarianism in all its forms and to tackle conditions conductive to their spread,” it said.

The statement affirmed the “respect and protection of human rights and public freedoms, especially in times of crisis, including non-discrimination and equal rights and opportunities for all without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, cultural or linguistic identity, gender or any other distinction, with effective mechanism for their protection, which give due regard to the political and equal rights and opportunities of women, including by the taking of active measures to ensure representation and participation in institutions and decision-making structure, with mechanisms aimed to achieve a level of representation of at least 30% for women and the goal of parity.”

“A high value placed on Syria’s society and national identity, its history of diversity and the contributions and values that all religions, civilizations and traditions have brought to Syria, including the coexistence among its various components along with the protection of the national cultural heritage of the nation and its diverse cultures,” it said.

“Combating and eliminating poverty, providing support for the elderly and other vulnerable groups, including people with special needs, orphans and war victims which shall include ensuring the safety and refuge of all refugees and displaced persons as well as protecting their rights to voluntary and safe return to their homes and lands,” it added.

The statement read that “preservation and protection of national heritage and the natural environment for future generations in accordance with environmental treaties and the UNESCO declaration concerning the intentional destruction of cultural heritage.”

“We, the representatives of the proud people of Syria, having lived through terrible misery and having found strength to fight against international terrorism, herewith declare our determination to restore the well-being and prosperity of our homeland and to make life decent and comfortable for each and every one of us,” the statement concluded.


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