Spanish figures: Syria’s participation in FITUR Fair reflects its victory against terrorism

Madrid, SANA – Spanish journalists and writers visited the Syrian pavilion in International FITUR Tourism Fair in Spain, congratulating Syria’s victory over terrorism.

Founder of the European Front for Solidarity with Syria in Spain Carlos Path pointed out during his visit to the Fair to the importance of Syria’s turning back to participate in the Fair as it is nearing signs of victory against the international terrorism.

He also stressed the right of the Syrian state to defend its sovereignty and its territorial integrity against any assault in accordance to the international laws.

Director of Ya Spanish Radio Javier García Isac clarified that he visited the Syrian pavilion to see the beauty of the Syrian cities and to congratulate the Syrian people for victory against terrorism.

He pointed out to the volume of the media delusion and the fabricated events for material objective and to satisfy particular political sides that are careless about the bloodshed of the Syrians.

Beguna Blanco Maldonado, Head of the Iberian Society for Business Flights stressed the importance of Syria’s participation in the International Tourism Festival in Madrid to prove to the world that the Syrian people are resilient against terrorism, adding that the Syrian state is strong and its economy is coherent, particularly tourism.
R. Milhem/ Mazen

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