Spanish province of La Rioja condemns Caesar Act and the Western sanctions against Syria

Madrid, SANA – The Spanish province and autonomous community of La Rioja condemned the US and Western sanctions against Syria, including the so-called “Caesar Act,” confirming that it increases the suffering of the Syrian citizens and hinders reconstruction.

Director-General of Cooperation and Human Rights of the Regional Government of La Rioja, Mayra Moro-Coco, said in a statement to a SANA reporter in Madrid that these sanctions are increasing the Syrians’ suffering, especially in the midst of the global health crisis Caused by the Coronavirus, and that these sanctions punish all segments of the Syrian people, particularly women and children, by depriving them of food and necessities and obstructing the efforts to deliver medical equipment and medicine to fight the pandemic.

For his part, Director of the Information Office of the Regional Government of La Rioja, Axier Amo Izarra, confirmed that aim of the American administration in implementing of the so-called “Caesar Act” is to multiplying the effects of the sanctions imposed by Western countries on Syria, saying the White House has made a plot for targeting Syria through restrictions and destabilization using terrorist organizations including Daesh (ISIS).

He added that Caesar Act reveals the true face of the US, as it seeks to intensify the suffering of the Syrian people and deprive them of their most basic, because Washington seeks to use that as leverage against the Syrian state, and this is a blatant violation of Syrian sovereignty and an inhumane act.

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