Magneto Boy’ Zulfikar, phenomenon studied by A scientific team

Lattakia, SANA- A 9-year-old boy named Zulfikar Ebrahim is attracting media attention for his apparent ability to attract objects not only metal but also other materials. Zulfikar’s family recently discovered that their son is “magnetic”.

A scientific team of the University of Tishreen, headed by Dr Mohamed Halabi, a specialist in the field of physics of magnetic phenomena, visited the child to examine this exceptional phenomenon.

The scientific team discovered after the observation that this phenomenon starts when the child’s body and the targeted object are exposed to a source of heat without any separation such as clothing, as a result, the response in summer is stronger than in winter.

They also noticed that the boy has the ability to attract metal items, but he can also hold non-metal items such as plastics, glasses, silver, lighter, etc.

The team members said that some areas of Zulfiqar’s body has an abnormal distribution of electric charge acquired in “warm atmosphere,” it is a state of static electricity and the science suggests Zulfikar is not magnetic, because the magnet does not attract the silver and has affect on other magnets and compass needle which did not happen with the child.

The team affirmed that the life of the child, Zulfikar, is not at risk, and it is possible to continue studying this phenomenon in-depth in the interest of society and human beings, pointing out that this exceptional boy is not the first case in the world.

Emma /Mazen

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