Campaign for rehabilitating injured Syrian Arab Army personnel launched in Tartous

Tartous, SANA – In recognition of the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army, “In the Name of the Homeland” group and “Qamat al-Sindian” volunteer team launched a campaign for rehabilitating injured army personnel with the aim of providing them with medical, psychological, and social support.

On the campaign and its work plan, director of the organizing group Mohammed Issa told SANA that “it is our duty to provide care to the injured soldiers who sacrificed themselves for the sake of the homeland, particularly those who sustain amputations or suffer from partial paralysis.”

He added that the campaign also focuses on the psychological situation of the injured soldiers so that they can adapt to their new situation and be reintegrated into society, in addition to providing physical treatment which includes the fitting of prosthetics and carrying out surgeries.

The campaign also focuses on teaching the injured new professions which suit their injuries such as computer programming, repairing mobile phones, or handicrafts, in addition to developing their literary, artistic, or sport skills.

“A form will be filled for every injured person that includes all necessary information about him (name, phone number, place of residence, his health situation, his needs…etc) and the kind of services they will be provided with,” Issa added, stressing the importance of cooperation between youth and civil organizations to provide help to the injured.

For his part, director of Qamat al-Sindian team Ammar Bilal said that the campaign aims at helping the injured restore their self-confidence and allow them to become self-reliant.

He pointed out that the team is specialized in medical affairs and ready to treat the injured and provide examination and all medical services, adding that the team will conduct two ocular surgeries this week as part of the campaign.

Rasha Raslan / Hazem Sabbagh

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