FAO provides on-going support to farmers and unprivileged families across Syria

Damascus, SANA – The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in cooperation with Damascus Countryside Directorate of Agriculture, has launched a series of productive projects that varied between growing oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus species), bee-hive cells, bio gas production units in addition to wheat and vegetables seed grants with the aim of providing support to farmers and unprivileged families in the governorate.

The FAO organized a tour to a number of Damascus Countryside villages and inspected several projects. A group of beneficiaries who worked in growing oyster mushrooms told SANA that they have been trained by the FAO experts regarding how to produce mushrooms, choose the right place and provide the appropriate conditions to ensure good results.

In al-Teiybeh town, farmers called for expanding FAO grants to include agricultural machineries and more sustainable projects.

Head of al-Kisweh Agriculture Department, Engineer Muhi Eddin Ablah, underlined high-level coordination between FAO and Agriculture Directorate to identify farmers’ needs and meet requirements of agricultural sector.

He added that the FAO grants have enabled families to plant their lands, achieve self-efficiency and establish family enterprises.

Ablah noted that 630 wheat seed grants have been distributed to 100 farmers in al-Kisweh area so far, in addition to 150 vegetables seed and fertilizer grants were also distributed.

FAO Adaptation projects official in Damascus Countryside and the Southern Area, Jihad Mikdad, highlighted the organization’s efforts to provide families with emergency assistance to ensure food security under current circumstances.

In 2017, the FAO distributed wheat seeds to 30600 families in Syria.

R.Raslan / Ghossoun

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