Mikdad: We are cooperating with 23 international NGOs operating in Syria

Damascus, SANA- Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad affirmed that Syria has worked since the beginning of the crisis on two parallel tracks, counter terrorism and the political solution, with the latter being pursued via participation in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue in Geneva.

“Throughout this period, we have been going on two parallel lines. The first line is combating terrorism militarily, and that has made Syria a leader in this field with the support of our Russian allies. The second is the political one. and we participate in all the negotiating invitations from Geneva to the end, yet the real obstacle is represented by Western countries which do not want to fight terrorism, rather they want to invest in this case that spreads terror and fear,” Mikdad told Sputnik in a statement published on Saturday.

Mikdad said that the Russian coordination with the Syrian leadership takes place on daily basis on various levels, as there are strategic aspects for all sides, adding that the Western colonialist domination is the real cause of all crises in the region.

He said that the role played by the US to strengthen the American polices is meaningless, as it operates outside laws and regulations ,therefore Syria holds the United States responsible for spreading terrorism and causing deaths and injuries.

Regarding the Western accusations about the Syrian Arab Army allegedly using chemical weapons, Mikdad said that Syria has demanded more than once to carry out an expanded investigation via specialized committees, but US refused and repeated its strikes against the civilians, which is why there are Syrian-Russian consultations on the subject of chemical strikes in Syria and the right to respond in the appropriate time.

He added that throughout the war, Syria has been cooperating with many organizations that have real and clear agendas, unlike the so-called the White Hands organization which deals with the terrorists and is sponsored by US, French and British governments, affirming that the Syrian government is cooperating with 23 international NGOs in implementing their plans.

Shaza / Hazem Sabbagh

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