National Reconciliation State Minister meets Western media delegation

Damascus, SANA- State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar said on Tuesday that a large part of the war on Syria was carried out by media outlets in order to spread chaos and support the extremist ideology and terrorist groups to achieve the agendas and policies of the states that are hostile towards Syria.

During a meeting with a Western media delegation sponsored by the Social Justice Network of Australia, Haidar pointed out to the important role that can be played by the media and political delegations who want to know the truth of what is happening in Syria and to convey the real image to the Western public opinion.

He said that the main objective of the local reconciliation project is to restore normal life to the areas where such reconciliations are being realized, pointing out that the State Ministry has accomplished local reconciliation in more than 100 areas in Syria within the framework of its work map.

Haidar added that main obstacle that hinders achieving some reconciliation is the armed terrorist groups that fulfill the goals of the countries that support them and try to escalate the crisis in Syria.

For his part, Jamal Daoud the head of the delegation said that the visit of the delegation is part of the efforts organized by the Social Justice Network in Australia with the participation of media figures from 10 countries from Europe, America, and Australia to learn about the truth of what is happening in Syria and convey it away from the fabrications of Western media.

He noted that the members of the delegation heard from the people of Aleppo and Homs about the crimes committed by armed terrorist organizations, adding that the terrorist bombing that targeted the buses which were transporting locals from the towns of Kefraya and al-Foua’a in al-Rashideen area west of Aleppo is a crime and that the international silence about this bombing is expected because it’s something that has been happening for more than 6 years.

Other members of the delegation expressed their solidarity with the Syrian people and the local reconciliation project.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

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