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On the 78th anniversary of usurping Liwa Iskendrun … Syrians record the last chapter of war on terrorism

Damascus, SANA-The 78thanniversary of usurping Liwa Iskenderun from its homeland Syria by Turkey comes today to remind the Syrians of the black history of Turkey which annexed the region arbitrary. …

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People of Iskenderun condemns Erdogan’s support to terrorists- VIDEO

Antakya, SANA – Locals of the Iskenderun in Antakya demonstrated against Turkish President Recep Tayyib Erdogan for his continued support for terrorists in Syria, clocked under the pretext of supporting …

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Massive rally in Antakya in support of resistance forces in Syria, Palestine and Lebanon

Antakya, SANA – Residents of Antakya city in Iskenderun expressed solidarity with all the forces that are resisting imperialism and Zionism, including in Syria, Palestine and Lebanon, in a massive …

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Protesters in Iskenderun condemn ISIS terrorist massacres in Syria and Iraq

Ankara, SANA – Residents of Samandag village in Iskenderun organized a protest condemning the massacres committed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization and the threat …

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