Massive rally in Antakya in support of resistance forces in Syria, Palestine and Lebanon

Antakya, SANA – Residents of Antakya city in Iskenderun expressed solidarity with all the forces that are resisting imperialism and Zionism, including in Syria, Palestine and Lebanon, in a massive rally that took place two days ago.

Hundreds of people took part in the rally, which marked the International Day of Peace commemorated annually on the 1st of September.


The Turkish Taha Haber said the participants in the rally, which was organized by Turkish left-wing organizations, held the Syrian flags and posters of President Bashar al-Assad and Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah Party Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

They waved banners with slogans written on them in Arabic and Turkish hailing the achievements and gains which the Syrian Arab Army has been making on the battlefield against the terrorist organizations.

They stressed that the road to peace in the region passes through solidarity with the Syrian leadership.

The participants also chanted slogans denouncing the internationally-organized terrorism ravaging Syria and Iraq as well as the brutal crimes committed by the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people.

Haifa Said

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