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Sabbagh: Western states must stop politicizing humanitarian and developmental work to improve situation in Syria

New York, SANA-Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Bassam Sabbagh, said that the improvement of situation in Syria requires from western states to stop politicizing the humanitarian and developmental work …

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Sabbagh: Syria spared no efforts to stand by the Palestinians to restore their rights

New York, SANA- Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Bassam Sabbagh, reiterated that Syria spared no effort to stand by the Palestinians in their struggle to restore their …

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Sabbagh: Israel is the main source of threat to peace and security in the region

New York, SANA- Syria said that establishing a zone free from weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East requires forcing Israel entity to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty and subjecting …

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Sabbagh: some countries still politicize chemical file in Syria

New York, SANA-Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Bassam Sabbagh, said on Monday that Syria reaffirms its rejection and condemnation of using chemical weapons under any circumstance, by anyone, at …

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Sabbagh: Nuclear security is a serious issue that demands the international community’s attention

Vienna, SANA – Permanent Representative of Syria at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Ambassador Bassam Sabbagh, said the issue of nuclear security has emerged during the last decade as …

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Sabbagh: Tripartite aggression on Syria aimed at hindering work of fact-finding mission

The Hague, SANA – Syria’s Permanent Representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons(OPCW) Bassam Sabbagh said that the barbarous US-British-French tripartite aggression which is timed with the …

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