MP Osi: Reconciliation Committee prepared to help resolve legal status of misled individuals

Damascus, SANA – Head of the National Reconciliation Committee at the People’s Assembly Omar Osi asserted that the Committee is fully prepared to help resolve the legal status of individuals who were misled and help them return to their normal lives.

Meeting relatives of detainees and abductees from Damascus Countryside on Tuesday, Osi said that the Committee and its representatives across the country are constantly in touch with the authorities, reconciliation committees, and civil societies and organizations in order to resolve the issue of abductees and detainees who were not involved in bloodshed in order to alleviate their families’ suffering.

He said that the Committee is currently making contact with civil sides in the town of Douma in Damascus Countryside to resolve the matter of the women and children who were abducted from Adra Workers City and who are currently being held hostage by terrorist organizations.

Osi also noted that reconciliation initiatives are ready to be carried out in several areas in Aleppo city, and that the Committee will do its best to ensure their success, stressing that reconciliation is the most effective way to protect the country and end the crisis.

In turn, head of the Complaints and Petitions Committee at the People’s Assembly Mujib al-Dandan said the Committee is ready to receive all complaints regarding individuals detained by the authorities.

For their part, the relatives of detainees and abductees called for working to uncover the fate of their missing children and put an end to their ordeal, noting that some people are exploiting this sensitive topic for personal gain.

H. Sabbagh

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