Prime Minister: Importance of devising development mechanisms to manage resources properly

Damascus, SANA – Prime Minister Imad Khamis affirmed the importance of uniting efforts and of constant integration and coordination between the government and the economic sector, saying that the government is ready to take steps, issue decisions, and amend legislations to improve the work of federations.

During an economic meeting on Saturday in which the federations of commerce, industry and agriculture chambers and the artisans and exporters unions participated, Khamis said that the government considers the private sector an essential partner in the development process, and that there can be no errors in the mechanisms of joint work with this sector.

He stressed the need for implementing plans and programs to develop the economic sector and to improve the performance of unions and federations, underlining the importance of devising development mechanisms to manage resources properly.

The Premier said that the government is ready to take any step that achieves development and serves public interest, and that it continues to provide all necessary facilitations to launch production in all sectors.

He also called for benefiting from the experience of unions and federations in other countries, in addition to calling on businessmen among Syrian expatriates to return and invest in the country, adding that a work plan should be implemented to boost confidence between the government and partners in economic development.

Discussions during the meeting touched on a number of issues such as opening border crossing with Iraq, curbing smuggling, reducing electricity fees for industrialists, addressing the issue of delayed loans, amending legislations, protecting local products, and increasing imports in terms of raw materials for industries.

The participants called for increasing the level of coordination, addressing post-production issues such as marketing, simplifying exportation and licensing procedures, and reducing customs fees for imported raw materials.

Addressing a number of points that were raised during the meeting, Agriculture Minister Ahmad al-Qadiri said that the government gives special care for medicinal plants, including the Damask Rose, as they are included in the annual production plans.

Meanwhile, Economy and Foreign Trade Minister Adib Mayyaleh said that the government has prepared a clear list of imported items that include basic and essential raw materials for production, while Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Minister Abdullah al-Gharbi said that an agreement was reached with an Iraqi delegation that visited Syria recently to enhance joint action in the field of commerce.

In turn, Finance Minister Ma’moun Hamdan said that work is underway on a number of projects and studies related to exports and exempting industrial equipment from customs.

Hazem Sabbagh

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