PM: Syria’s participation in Astana talks shows the government’s sincere desire to find a political solution

Beirut, SANA – Prime Minister Imad Khamis said Syria’s participation in Astana talks shows the Syrian government’s sincere desire to find a political solution that ends the Syrian bloodshed and unifies the Syrians’ efforts against terrorism.

“Regardless of what we expect about the destiny of Astana talks and their seriousness, the Syrian government will seize all opportunities to try to find a political solution to the crisis,” Khamis said in an interview given to the international Maraya Lebanon magazine.

In his remarks on the Syrian government’s working program, Primer Khamis pointed out that work during the past period has been focused on two tracks mainly, with the first one being the urgent priorities, basically providing full support to the Syrian Arab Army in its war for combating terrorism and working on re-operating the production wheel in the main economic sectors and seeking to meet the citizens’ needs to alleviate the war effects on their daily lives.

He added that the second track has to do with setting up the national strategies in all fields that are meant to help the state and the society overcome the enormous effects of the war and move forward to the reconstructing process.

Khamis stressed that targeting the Syrian economy has been going on simultaneously with the military targeting, adding that Syrian state has tried via depending on the country’s resources and the support of its allies, especially Iran, to reduce the impact of the losses and work to put the Syrian economy back on its feet gradually.

He highlighted that the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on Syria have deepened the suffering of the Syrian citizens as they have affected their access to basic needs, particularly food, medicines and heating fuel.

Premier Khamis affirmed in the interview that the Syrians themselves will be the ones to rebuild Syria with their own capabilities and resources, adding that any investment comes from abroad will be complementary.

He pointed out that the friendly countries that have stood by Syria will take part in the reconstruction process, noting that there are already many parties that have expressed their readiness to start large-scale and significant investments in Syria.

M. al-Frieh/H. Said

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