Advisor Shaaban: Aleppo’s liberation a turning point in the terrorist war on Syria

Prague, SANA- Presidential Political and Media Advisor Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban affirmed that the liberation of Aleppo from terrorism is a turning point in the course of the terrorist war against Syria.

“Aleppo battle was difficult and tough because of its proximity to Turkey, which has sent terrorists and provided them with weapons, money and ammunition, so much so that we can speak about an outright Turkish aggression against the city of Aleppo and against Syria in general,” Shaaban said in an interview with the Czech newspaper Literarni noviny published on Tuesday.

The Advisor stressed that “the United States continues to support terrorists in Syria, and Europe, with the exception of the Czech Republic, has been in the US shadow during the war against Syria.”

“There is no political forefront in Europe which is independent from the United States, and there is no European policy that defends the interests of its people. As for Britain and France, they are the most hostile to Syria among European countries,” she added.

The Advisor pointed out that Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are “the key sponsors of terrorism in Syria, and all the activities of these countries are covered by the US.”

She noted that the West wanted to engage in a real war in Syria, but the Russian and Chinese vetoes and the determination of Syrians to offer sacrifices for the sake of defending Syria deterred them.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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