Security Council condemns terrorist mortar attack against Russian Embassy in Damascus

New York, SANA- The UN Security Council condemned the terrorist mortar attack against the Russian Embassy in Damascus.

In a statement, the Council strongly condemned the attack with mortar shells on the Russian Embassy in Damascus which caused a huge material damage.

The statement underlined the necessity of taking all the required steps to protect the diplomatic missions.

Earlier, The Russian Foreign Ministry denounced the recurring terrorist attacks on its embassy in Damascus, asserting that Russia will continue fighting terrorists in Syria.

On Friday, terrorist groups positioned in the Eastern Ghota in Damascus Countryside targeted the Russian Embassy in Damascus with mortar shells, causing a huge material damage.

On the other hand, the Council condemned in the strongest terms the shelling of schools in the Syrian cities and called for carrying out independent investigations into the attacks.

It also called upon all parties to adhere to their obligations according to the humanitarian international law whatever the circumstances.

The terrorist groups positioned in al-Zahra neighborhood in Aleppo on Thursday targeted al-Watanyia “National” School in al-Shahba neighborhood in Aleppo with a number of rocket shells, killing three children and injuring 14 others, in addition to causing a material damage.

The Council also stressed that all the terrorist acts are “criminal and unjustified”, reiterating that the only rational solution to the crisis in Syria lies in carrying out a comprehensive political process led by the Syrians.


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