Updated-Iranian President: Delivering humanitarian aid to Syrian people a top priority

Tehran, SANA-Iranian President Hassan Rouhani affirmed during a meeting with Speaker of the People’s Assembly Hadiyeh Abbas that Iran will continue its support for Syria in combating terrorism and establishing security and stability in the region.

“We are confident that the Syrian people will achieve victory and we hope that the dialogue between the Syrian government and the opposition which is committed to the independence and the will of the Syrian people will soon reach a political solution and a comprehensive agreement that takes into account the will of the people and the participation of all components of the Syrian society,” the Iranian President said.

He added that there is an unjust war imposed on Syrians by the terrorist groups who do not adhere to any moral or human principles, pointing out that the steadfastness and resistance of the Syrian people against this terrorism during difficult circumstances over the last five years are worthy of praise.

“Unfortunately, today many Muslim states in the region have been entangled in enemies’ plots, and people in different regions, including Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan are facing tough conditions and big problems,” Rouhani said.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is committed to its principles, and because terrorism is a major problem for the region and the world, I believe that the Syrian people should be helped to root out terrorism in their country, and other countries have no other option, but the path of war against terrorism,” the Iranian President added.

He said Iran believes that terrorism and international powers’ intervention in the internal affairs of other countries is a conspiracy and the cause of the problems in the region.

He also noted that efforts to preserve territorial integrity and solidarity of regional countries, including Syria, are a principle in Iran’s policies.

President Rouhani said delivering humanitarian aid to the Syrian people is now a top priority.

He said the friendly and brotherly relations between the peoples of Iran and Syria have ancient roots, stressing the need to develop, strengthen and consolidate relations and expand consultations on regional and international issues.

He pointed out to the importance of developing relations between the Iranian Shura Council and the Syrian People’s Assembly.

For her part, Abbas said that the relations between Syria and Iran are historical, friendly and brotherly, adding that the two sides seek to develop and strengthen relations between the two countries in all fields.

Shamkhani stresses Iran’s support for Syria in all fields

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani affirmed on Tuesday that Iran will maintain support for Syria in all fields till achieving victory over terrorism.

During a meeting with Speaker of the People’s Assembly Hadiyeh Abbas in Tehran, Shamkhani said that the only solution to end the crisis in Syria is the Syrian-Syrian dialogue to reach political initiatives agreed upon by all political parties and the Syrian parliament, which has an important role in this matter.speaker-abbas-shamkhani-1

He pointed out that great victories have been achieved thanks to the cooperation of the Syrian government and people and their supporters in facing terrorists, adding that the future of Aleppo and other Syrian areas will be determined in the battle against the takfiris.

He criticized the political and military support by the Americans for various terrorist organizations, adding that the US and the West have to answer for the connection between the defeat of the terrorists and the attempt of these countries to hold an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council.speaker-abbas-shamkhani

He pointed out that the hostility of the US and the Zionist entity towards the resistance axis has gone as far as ignoring threats to the international and national security.

In turn, Speaker Abbas reviewed the political, field and economic developments in Syria, affirming that the Syrian leadership is determined to fight terrorism until purging Syria of cross-border terrorism.

“The economic support for Syria enhances its steadfastness and alleviates the suffering of Syrians who fight against terrorism on behalf of the entire world,” Abbas said.

She hailed the Iranian humanitarian aid and advisory assistance to Syria in fighting terrorism.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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