Ambassador Ala: Israeli occupation facilitates movement of terrorists and their arms and equipment inside the occupied territory

Geneva, SANA – Syria’s Permanent Representative at the United Nations in Geneva Hussam Eddin Ala stressed that the Israeli entity facilitates the movement of terrorists and their weapons and equipment inside the occupied area, treats hundreds of terrorists in the Israeli hospitals in public, and overtly cooperates with the armed terrorist groups in the Area of Separation.

Ambassador Ala made his remarks during a UN Human Rights Council meeting to discuss provisions of Chapter VII of the UN Charter among the activities of the Council’s 33rd session, which is held under the title “the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories and the occupied Syrian Golan.”

He added that the flagrant Israeli attacks against the Syrian territory and military sites over the past few weeks highlight the strategic alliance between the Israeli entity on one hand and Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations on the other hand and its support to these groups in their attacks on villages and civilians in Daraa and Quneitra provinces.

Ala reiterated Syria’s condemnation of the Israeli occupation authorities’ violations of the human rights of Palestinian people and the international humanitarian law in occupied Palestine and its criminal practices such as on-site executions, arbitrary arrests of more than 7000 Palestinians, 400 of whom are children, the demolition of Palestinians’ houses, and the confiscation of lands, in addition to depletion of natural resources and strict blockade.

“Syria denounces the Israeli entity’s continuous efforts to Judaize Jerusalem, destroy al-Aqsa Mosque, build the Apartheid Wall, establish illegitimate settlements and prevent the Palestinian people from practicing their right to self-determination and establish their independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital,” he added.

The Zionist entity continues its systematic violations of the international law in Palestine and the occupied Syrian Golan, said Ala, adding that As the Israeli occupation authorities continue to ignore all the binding UN Security Council resolutions, some countries go ahead with their efforts to overlook Chapter VII of the UN Charter.

He noted that the continuity of the US and its allies in the European Union to provide political cover to the Israeli entity and boycott the provisions of chapter VII shows the political hypocrisy of these countries in dealing with issues related to human rights and encourages this entity to continue to behave as an unaccountable power to the extent that the Israeli Prime Minister described the UN Human Rights Council as a “joke.”

“It is astonishing that the Human Rights Commissioner, who dedicated the current session’s report to express deep concerns about the increase in cases of failure to cooperate with the UN Human Rights Council and its mechanisms, hasn’t paid attention to Israel’s long history of refusal to abide by this Council’s mechanisms and preventing investigation and inspection committees from entering to the occupied Arab territories,” he said, adding that selectivity and double standard policies adopted in dealing with issues related to human rights are responsible for the credibility crisis which faces the UN.

Ala noted that the Syrian people of the occupied Golan are also victims of arbitrary arrests because they reject the Israeli occupation’s policies, document its criminal acts, and expose its cooperation with the armed terrorist groups in the Area of Separation in the occupied Syrian Golan.

He reiterated rejection of unauthorized mock trials of Syrian detainees, calling for pressuring the occupation authorities to immediately release all the Syrian detainees in the Israeli jails, particularly Sudqi al-Maqt.

He referred to the Israeli occupation’s practices such as imposing restraints on the Syrian citizens to restrict their movement and communication with their relatives in the motherland and to prevent them from continuing their education in the Syrian universities.

Ala went on to say that in addition to property destruction, land confiscation, and the theft of water and natural resources in order to go ahead with its settlement activities, the Israeli occupation authorities have offered financial incentives to encourage more Israelis and settlers to move to the occupied Golan and approved the establishment of thousands of residential units with the aim of doubling the number of Israeli settlers in flagrant violation to the resolutions issued by the UN, the UN Human Rights Council, and UN Security Council, including resolutions 446/1979 and 465/1980 which provide for the illegitimacy of the Israeli settlement and demand the halt of all settlement activities.

The Ambassador added that the statements made by Israeli officials and the support they provided to the armed terrorist groups in the Area of Separation show the Israeli occupation authorities’ endeavors to exploit the current circumstances and strengthen its presence in the occupied Golan, ignoring all the UN resolutions which call on it to withdraw from the occupied Syrian Golan, particularly the UNSC resolution no. 497/1981 which confirmed the illegality of Israeli occupation and declared that Israel’s decision to impose its laws, jurisdiction, and administration on the Occupied Syrian Golan, is “null and void and without international legal effect.”

“The Syrian delegation urges countries which adopt selectivity and double standard policies to stop political games and acknowledge that the condemnation of Israeli occupation will always be a priority on the UN Human Rights Council’s agenda until the Israeli occupation obeys and withdraws completely from all occupied Arab territories, including Palestine, the Syrian Golan, and Lebanese territory, concluded Ala.

Rasha Raslan / Hazem Sabbagh

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