Prime Minister meets delegation from several areas in Damascus countryside

Damascus, SANA – Prime Minister Imad Khamis met on Saturday a delegation of senior figures and religious men from Jaramana, Qatana, Jabal al-Sheikh, Sahnaya, Ashrafiyet Sahnaya and Deir Ali in Damascus Countryside.

Imad Khamis-delegation from Damascus Countryside 2

The discussions focused on the importance of the integrated roles and coordination between the government and civil parties in efforts to improve the economic, services and development conditions of a certain area.

Khamis affirmed that the government will continue efforts and work to repair the damaged infrastructure hit by terrorists and provide all the basic livelihood needs to citizens.

The delegation members said they will work hand in hand with the government to enhance the steadfastness of the locals in their areas, inviting the officials to pay field visits to be able to closely inspect the situation in those areas.

H. Said

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