Sen. Richard Black: Public opinion and US Congress began to realize reality of situation in Syria

Washington, SANA- U.S. Senator Richard Black affirmed that the public opinion and members of US Congress and lawmakers began to realize the reality of the situation in Syria and that what is happening there is a war between the legal Syrian government and the terrorists of ISIS and al-Qaeda.

In a lecture during a meeting with the Syrian community in New Jersey within a seminar organized by the Syrian American Forum, Black said that the war that Syria has been witnessing for 6 years is between the Syrian legitimate government which is protecting its people and the terrorists belonging to al Qaeda which killed 3000 US citizens on September 11.

He pointed out that those terrorists are backed by the United States under the guise of the so-called “moderate opposition” which is something that the American people do not know as most of Congressmen, but a lot of them now began to understand it.

The US Senator noted that arming and funding the terrorists continues as weapons are transported from Qatar to Libya and from there to Turkey and across the border to be brought into Syria, stressing that Syria will achieve victory in the battle against those terrorists thanks to its army, which is one of the best armies in the world given the victories it achieved, mainly the restoration of Palmyra.

He considered that the US President Barack Obama’s administration is in a state of chaos regarding the situation in Syria where the US Central Intelligence Agency provides support and arms to some terrorist groups while the US Department of Defense provides support to other groups which caused the destruction of civilization and history, indicating that if the Republican candidate Donald Trump won the presidential election, then a dramatic change towards Syria will happen.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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