Syrians in USA condemn ISIS massacres in Hasaka and US support for terrorists

Boston, SANA – Syrian American Forum (SAF) held on Saturday a protest stand to expose the crimes of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorists against civilians in Syria, including the recent horrific atrocities in the northeastern Hasaka province.

The participants in the event, which was held in City Hall Square in Boston, condemned the massacres which ISIS terrorists are committing in Syria and denounced the US and its allies’ support to terrorism.

Hossam al-Samman, head of SAF branch in California, pointed out in a statement to SANA that this protest aims to lay bare the fact that ISIS terrorists are receiving support from the US and its allies.

Al-Samman mentioned that organizing this stand came in the framework of the Forum’s policy to get the American popular opinion acquainted with the reality of the events in Syria and the terrorist war waged against it

The participants waved Syrian flags and held banners condemning terrorism and its supporters.

Last Monday, ISIS tarted an armed assault against residents of Tal Hermez, Tal Shamiram, Tal Rumman, Tal Nassri, al-Ageibesh, Toma Yalda, al-Haouz, Tal Koran, Tal Tamar and other villages in the western countryside of Hasaka province, killing many civilians, kidnapping many others and burning Tal Hermez historic church, one of the oldest in Syria and the world.

Manar al-Frieh/Haifa Said

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