Theatrical, musical, and dance performances by children at Tishreen Park

Damascus, SANA – Nearly 100 children participated in the “Tune of Life” concert organized by Nour Relief and Development Association at the amphitheatre in Tishreen Park in Damascus.

Tishreen 2

The event, organized in cooperation with Adounia musical group, began with a theatrical performance by children from Majd Center, followed by a folk dance performance by children from Shams Center, and then a young girl from the same center performed a musical piece on the Oud instrument.

Afterwards, five children from Golan Center performed Arab and international musical pieces on recorders, and then children from the choruses of Bidaya Project and Golan Center performed separately then together along with musicians from Adounia.

Yara Touman, Board Director of Nour Association, said that this concert is part of the association’s efforts to develop children’s talents, skills, and creativity, and that the association seeks to spread culture and art in several areas in Damascus Countryside and to encourage parents to involve their children in such activities.

Hazem Sabbagh

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