President al-Assad observes Eid al-Fitr prayers in Homs

Homs, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad performed on Wednesday the prayers of Eid al-Fitr (the Festival of Fast-Breaking at the end of the holy month of Ramadan) at al-Safa Mosque in Tareeq al-Sham (Damascus Road) neighborhood in Homs.

Along with the President, the prayers were also performed by Minister of Awqaf (Religious Endowments) Mohammad Abdul-Sattar al-Sayyed , Grand Mufti of the Republic Ahmad Badr-Eddin Hassoun, Governor of Homs Talal al-Barazi, a number of Islamic scholars and a crowd of people.

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Afterwards, the President listened to the Eid sermon, delivered by Sheikh Issam al-Masri who led the prayers.

Sheikh al-Masri addressed President al-Assad saying that the people of Syria were glad to see the President on the frontlines of Eastern Ghouta having the Iftar meal with the members of the Syrian army, referring to a visit the President made to advanced points in the first array at al-Aghawani farms in Marj al-Sultan on June 27.

“Today Homs is extremely happy and honored to have you here,” added al-Masri, stressing that “the religious family in the city of Khalid Ibn al-Walid will continue to stand by you and defend its homeland and religion.”

He reminded that President al-Assad has repeatedly warned the world of the danger of terrorism and its makers and backers, saying that now terrorism is backfiring on those whose hearts were hardened and for whom the warnings went unheeded.

Sheikh al-Masri hoped that, just like Homs has recovered and life went back to normal in its markets, mosques and churches, all the other provinces will recover soon thanks to the President’s wisdom and the heroic achievements of the Syrian Arab army.

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