Defense ministers of Syria, Iran and Russia meet in Tehran for anti-terrorism talks

Tehran, SANA-Defense Ministers of Syria, Iran and Russia met in Tehran on Thursday to discuss issues related to combating terrorism in Syria and the region.

Defense Minister Fahd Jassem al-Freij said during the meeting that Syria is bent on striking terrorism everywhere on its land “with valor and determination”, backed by friends and allies.

“For over five years Syria has been confronting Takfiri terrorism led by the US which exerted immense efforts to fight Syria, making it imperative for us to confront terrorism,” he added.

He expressed appreciation for the support of the Iranian and Russian friends, voicing confidence in Syria’s victory over terrorism which will mark an end of terrorism in the entire region.

Defense Ministers-Syria-Russia-Tehran

Al-Freij described the results of an earlier meeting he held with his Russian counterpart Sergey Shoygu as “excellent”, adding that a recent array of measures is expected to yield even better results.

Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan, for his part, said Iran has always been a promoter of dialogue among the Syrians for resolving the crisis, noting that Iran agrees to a guaranteed ceasefire that does not give space to terrorists to bolster their resources.

The minister called for a “firm fight” against terrorists and drying up their financial and political support for a crisis settlement to happen in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and crisis-ridden countries in the region.

He criticized the claims of the US and Saudi Arabia about backing “moderate opposition” which he said is in fact a covert support for terrorists, lashing out at countries claiming to be upholding human rights but remain silent over appalling crimes committed by terrorists against innocent Syrians, Iraqis and Yemenis.

The Iranian minister condemned the unholy alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia and their joint actions in support of terrorism. “Forging an alliance with the arch-foe of Muslims and humanity; the Israeli enemy, will bring about dire consequences for the Saudi leaders which will prove too grave a strategic fault for the peoples of Muslim nations, the region and the world to handle,” he warned.

The Syrian defense minister and his Russian counterpart said their viewpoints matched regarding the necessity of bolstering their joint counterterrorism efforts, calling for more coordination against this ominous phenomenon.

Shoygu said terrorism is a problem jeopardizing the entire world which necessitates high-level coordination against it, disclosing that intensive meetings were held with the Syrian side in which future goals and plans were outlined.

Defense Ministers-Syria-Iran-Tehran

Earlier, Minister al-Freij held a session of talks with his Iranian counterpart that focused on bilateral relations and issues of mutual concern.

During the meeting, al-Freij slammed US and Turkish support for terrorists, adding that some Gulf States speak of fraternal ties binding them with the Syrian people as they overtly patronize terrorist organizations committing heinous crimes against Syrians.

He vowed that the Syrian state is determined to eliminate terrorism with the help of friends and allies.

For his part, the Iranian minister said Iran is supporting Syria at the request of the Syrian legitimate government, hoping that the axis of resistance will continue to score significant wins.


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