Hazem Nao qualifies for 3rd leg of 2nd round at International Junior Tennis Championships in Indonesia

Jakarta, SANA – Tennis player Mohammad Hazem Nao has qualified for the third leg in singles competitions of the second round within the International Junior Tennis Championships in Indonesia.

In the second leg of the tournament, held within Grade 4 Category, Nao beat a Japanese player and will meet a Chinese player in the third leg.

In the doubles competition, Nao and his Malaysian doubles partner qualified for the second leg after the withdrawal of their competitors in the first leg.

Last week, Nao and his doubles partner Yunseong Chung of South Korea won the second place in the first round of the championships, which helped giving Nao a place 30 ranks higher on the ITF Junior World Ranking list where he is now placed 376th.

M. al-Frieh/H. Said

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