Terrorists commit massacre in al-Zara town in Hama countryside, Cabinet condemns atrocity

Hama, SANA- Terrorist groups committed a massacre against the locals of al-Zara town in the southern countryside of Hama province on Thursday.

A source at Hama police Command said that “terrorist groups infiltrated into al-Zara town and committed a massacre against its locals, as
they abducted a number of children and women”.

The source added that the terrorists destroyed and stole the locals’ properties and houses.

Cabinet strongly condemns terrorist massacre in al-Zara town, Hama Countryside

The Cabinet strongly condemned the obnoxious massacre in al-Zara town and the acts of vandalism the terrorists committed against the locals of the town and their properties.

In a press statement, Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi said that the terrorist massacre is “a heinous crime against the whole world.”

Al-Halaqi added that the international community must stand by Syria in fighting terrorism and should take immediate steps to prevent the countries which support terrorism from supplying terrorists with arms and money, on top Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

He indicated that the coward terrorist massacre, which comes in line with the escalation of the fierce media campaign to undermine the Syrian state and it national economy, is a desperate attempt to raise the morals of the terrorist organizations.

Al-Halaqi reiterated confidence that the Syrian people will overcome terrorism thanks to the heroism of the Syrian army and the support provided by Syria’s friends, affirming that the “terrorist acts will not prevent the Syrians from continuing the process of reconstruction,” wishing speedy recovery for the injured.

He called upon Hama Governorate to mobilize all the capabilities of the health sector and the bodies concerned to help the locals of al-Zara town, extending condolences to the families of the martyrs.

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