Interior Minister, Justice Minister visit Hama Central Prison

Hama, SANA – Interior Minister Mohammad al-Shaar and Justice Minister Najm Hamad al-Ahmad visited Hama Central Prison and inspected the situation in it, with the two ministers promising to provide inmates’ needs and ensure that none of them are subjected to grievances.

In a statement to journalists, al-Shaar affirmed that the situation in Hama Central Prison is normal, contrary to the lies and fabrications spread by malicious media outlets as part of their anti-Syria propaganda.

Meanwhile, al-Ahmad voiced commitment to inmates’ rights, and that the goal is to rehabilitate them so that they can go back to being active members in society and lead normal lives.

SANA’s correspondent met a number of the inmates, who said that life in the prison is quiet and normal, with the proof being that they are still receiving visits from their families, adding that there’s no truth to the claims made by some sides about the prisons and the conditions in it.

Earlier in the month, the Interior Ministry refuted media allegations of “disorder” in the prison.

Hazem Sabbagh

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