Health Ministry: Humanitarian organizations must pay attention to terrorist crimes against health establishments in Syria

Damascus, SANA- The Health Ministry said on Tuesday that targeting al-Dhabeet Hospital in Aleppo city by the armed terrorist organizations left three pregnant women dead and put the hospital, which specialized in gynecology, fully out of service.

In a statement, the Ministry condemned the targeting of public and private health establishments by the armed terrorist groups and the threatening of the lives of patients and medical staff working in these establishments, saying that it is time for the United Nations and all humanitarian organizations to pay attention to the blatant crimes committed by terrorists against health establishments in Syria.

The Ministry called on humanitarian organizations to work to immediately stop terrorism-sponsoring countries from arming and financing the armed groups.

The Ministry also renewed its commitment to continue meeting the health needs of the Syrian citizens.

Residential neighborhoods in Aleppo city have been suffering for days from continuous terrorist attacks. 14 civilians were killed and scores others were injured due to terrorist attacks on Tuesday with rocket shells on the aforementioned hospital and residential neighborhoods in the city.

Up till now, terrorist attacks have put 33 hospitals out of service and deprived hundreds of thousands of Syrians from obtaining health services.

Qabas/ Hazem Sabbagh

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