People’s Assembly: Syria’s destiny is to be spearhead that defends future of peoples of the region

Damascus, SANA- The People’s Assembly renewed its call for the Syrian people to stand together and mobilize their efforts to face the heinous war being waged against Syria with the aim of undermining the state and killing its people.

Marking the 70th anniversary of Independence Day, the assembly stressed on Sunday that Syria, since the independence day, has been the center of civilization and freedom as the Syrians stood by their brothers in other Arab countries, fought beside them against the colonizer and backed them to achieve independence.

“Syria’s destiny today is to be a spearhead that defends the future of peoples of the region,” the People’s Assembly said in a statement, expressing confidence in the Syrian people’s ability to protect their homeland and preserve its sovereignty and independence.

The assembly pledged to continue cleaning Syria from terrorism and preserving it united and to work for the completion of liberating the occupied Golan and defeating the Zionist occupation.

The people’s Assembly saluted the martyrs who paid heavy cost to defend Syria’s future and draw the glory of independence with their blood and souls.


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