Russian UN representative: Victory in Palmyra creates positive background for Geneva talks

Geneva, SANA – Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Office and other international organizations in Geneva Alexey Borodavkin said the victory of the Syrian army over terrorists in Palmyra with Russia’s support has created a positive background for talks in Geneva.

“I think this is not the last victory won, that an advance on positions of ISIS in Syria will be continued. And this creates a respective positive background for a next round of negotiations,” Borodavkin said in an interview with TASS.

The Russian official pointed out that the concurrent presence of several groups of Syrian opposition in Geneva is not an invincible obstacle for starting direct negotiations, as they are ripe.

The envoy stressed that the final decisions as to parameters of the future political structure in Syria were only up to the Syrian people themselves, adding “Russia, and as we understand the United States, are trying to help the parties as well as to the UN to see these negotiations resultative, proceeding positively and progressing.”

According to the diplomat, blackmail from Turkey, threatening that intra-Syrian talks will be derailed if the Kurds are invited, is absolutely inadmissible.

“We continue demanding that representatives of all political forces having influence in Syria be presented in the opposition participating in the negotiations, and we insist that the Syrian Kurds be invited to these talks,” he added.


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