Lavrov: We support Russian-US agreement on cessation of hostilities in Syria

Moscow, SANA- Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov affirmed on Friday that it is unacceptable to set preconditions for the Syrian-Syrian in Geneva, pointing out that forming the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) is lifting the international efforts to resolve the crisis in Syria to a new level.

In a press conference following the conclusion of the Russian-Arab Cooperation Forum, Lavrov said “As members of the ISSG, we stress our commitment to the decisions of the so-called Vienna Group and the UN Security Council resolutions and our support for Russian-US agreement on cessation of hostilities in Syria.”

Lavrov pointed out that the Russian-US statement on cessation of hostilities in Syria was positively assessed by the international community, noting that it will be referred to the UN Security Council for approval today.

He noted that no one can afford to give one hundred percent guarantees for the application to stop combat operations, adding that daily efforts are required to guarantee the application on the ground.

The Russian diplomat said the cessation of hostilities in Syria depends on many factors, mainly the ability of the external players to put the interests of the Syrian people and stability in the region over their geopolitical ambitions.

“Let’s hope that those who have decisive influence on them will make certain conclusions and remove obstacles on the way towards comprehensive full-fledged implementation of agreements confirmed by UN Security Council resolution 2254,” he said.

Lavrov said that there must be strict control of the Syrian border, adding that the Security Council has appropriate mechanisms in this regard and it is important to exploit these mechanisms neutrally without hiding the facts on the ground, and that the success depends on the ability of ISSG to implement its commitments openly.

He pointed out the resolution no.2254 which was adopted by Vienna Group enshrined three priorities, firstly alleviating humanitarian situation in Syria, then coordinating conditions for ceasefire and launching inclusive political process as soon as possible, the minister said.

“Here it was clearly defined that all the efforts should be parallel and there should not be and may not be any preconditions for political talks,” Lavrov said.
He said that the lack of progress at political talks on Syria comes as some Syrian opposition members wish to bargain for privileged position by the countries which support them.

“Now real progress has been reached in the humanitarian area and conditions have been agreed for cessation of hostilities and this group of saboteurs of political talks has no other pretexts left to continue setting preconditions to launch the intra-Syrian dialogue,” Lavrov added.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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