Information Minister: Any political track leading to a solution will be faithful to the martyrs’ blood

Damascus, SANA – Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi stressed that the outcome of any political track cannot be implemented before terrorism is defeated.

“Any political track that leads to a solution will be faithful to the martyrs’ blood and rights, and this is a red line for us,” said the minister in an interview with the Syrian TV channel on Thursday.

In his comments about the recent Saudi statements, al-Zoubi said the Saudi regime officials’ conduct and their statements on a possible use of military force in Syria and sending aircrafts to Turkey reflect an edgy situation that shows the scale of uncertainty and confusion the Saudi regime feels after the great victories achieved by the Syrian army on different fronts.

“We, as Syrians, have to confront any attempt at ground intervention that doesn’t have the Syrian government’s approval and is aimed at achieving known goals,” al-Zoubi added.

Al-Zoubi continued to say that “neither the NATO nor the United States or anyone else can give the Saudi and Turkish regimes cover to commit such foolishness.”

“There won’t be a no–fly zone over the Syrian land,” he reiterated, adding that such a move, if it happens without the agreement of the Syrian government, would be considered an act of aggression.


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