Cabinet condemns Israel’s massacres in Gaza

Damascus, SANA – The Cabinet expressed on Tuesday condemnation of the savage massacres being committed by the “racial Zionist occupation” against the steadfast Palestinian people who have been firmly sticking to their land.

With the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip in its eighth day, the number of Palestinian casualties exceeded 190, including women, children and elderly people. The injured amounted to over 1400.

The death toll of civilians seems to be on the rise as the Israeli forces continue to bombard the Gaza Strip with air strikes, leaving a trail of devastation, with many houses, mosques and facilities have been leveled.

Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi said the massacres perpetrated by the Zionist are within the same scope of the acts of terrorism practiced by the armed groups in Syria.

This is a fact, he added, inasmuch as the countries which are sponsoring and backing terrorism in Syria and the Arab region are the same which are spurring and emboldening the Israeli enemy to carry on with its “massive massacres” against the Palestinians.

The Premier reiterated that the “organized terrorism” inflicted upon the Syrian people aims at putting down and completely eradicating the axis of resistance, including Syria, that is standing firm in the face of the Zionist-U.S. schemes and projects in the region.

The internationally-led war of terrorism in Syria, al-Halqi added, also aims at spreading chaos and destruction and put sticks in the wheels of the development process in the Arab world so as its potentials and resources can be easily taken over by the Zionist enemy.


H. Said


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